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Spotlight on LogiDist Group!

LogiDist Group explores innovation, sustainable development and community through diverse and strategic investments. Our Chairman, Dr Mthobisi Zondi shares the Group’s journey of growth.

Posted on: 2021/08/12 Time 11:39am

Published by: leadership online

LogiDist Group Envision 2025 is our commitment to building an empowered and unified company culture. We aim to inspire leadership; envision a strong future; and empower ambition and innovation.

LogiDist Group Envision 2025

The LogiDist Group #KnowYourLeader campaign is a catalyst for change and individual growth, for the betterment of the LogiDist Group community. The #KnowYourLeader campaign profiles the leadership of LogiDist Group to highlight the true essence of leadership and ignite the leader within you.

The #KnowYourLeader campaign is currently under curation.

LogiDist Group Get To Know Your Leader
LogiDist Group Get To Know Your Leader
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